Top 5 Village Business idea 2024

Only needs can be fulfilled by a job, but dreams cannot be fulfilled.Only a businessman can become rich. 90% people of the world have only 10% money while 10% people have 90% money, but those who have 90% money must not be doing a job, and those 90% people who have 10% money. You must have seen that most of the people are doing jobs. People with jobs have to pay EMI even to fulfill some small dreams, or have to fulfill all their desires on EMI, then after retirement they have to wander from place to place. After hearing and understanding all these things, people get ready to do business and think that they want to do only business.

They just start collecting money from everywhere, whether from friends, relatives or banks and even sell their own jewellery to start a business, but is starting a business the biggest thing? Not at all. Until we get a right and good unique business idea, we can never be successful in our business and for a business to be successful, the most important thing is a right business plan. So, to avoid this problem, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about some such Top 8 Business ideas.

Through which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month and this business idea can never fail, if you have done your research in the market where you have to start this business, after that if you start this type of business then temporarily you will become a successful businessman and no one can stop your business from becoming successful, so let’s know in today’s article, we will know such Top 8 Business ideas which can be started and you can earn a good income along with a good profit, so let’s know.

According to the data around the world, this happens with 90% of the people that they start a business but are unable to run a business successfully, neither do they understand the demand of the market nor are they able to get the right information in the market and then their business fails.

Top 5 Business

1.Coaching centre

Yes friends, in today’s time, good income can be earned by starting a coaching center business in India. If we talk about living examples, then you can see big companies like Exampur Kale Kadvi, Byju’s and Physics Wala. They started at a small level with only two or four children and today they have lakhs of children studying online and offline.

If we talk about their income, then their income is in crores today, so you can also get an idea that how big is the business opportunity in this sector, which you can take advantage of. India’s education industry is more than 100 billion US dollars. India’s schooling system is also one of the largest schooling systems in the world.

Education is very important for a perfect person. If you want to live a good life, then every person will need to pay special attention to his education. People of India are becoming very aware about education.

Therefore, a huge demand is being generated in this sector, so you can also start your business in this sector right now and start a startup, you can open a coaching center at a small level through which you can easily earn 50-60 thousand even at a small level, if we do it in private or government, if you become a graduate rank officer,

then you get a salary of 60 to 70000 but if you start a business in this sector, then even by starting at a small level, you can easily earn 50-60 thousand rupees per month, secondly you will be free, thirdly you will be able to think about growing this business gradually to a larger level, due to which you will also be able to become a successful businessman.

2.Medical Store

The second place is related to the medical sector, that is, in the medical sector you can do any type of business, whether you run a clinic, or you run a medical score or open a pathology or a hospital, all that is required is a proper license and a degree, without a degree you cannot start any type of business in it.

To get these degrees, you may have to do a course of 2 years, 3 years, 4 years or 5 years, after that you can start these types of businesses if you want. You must do a course related to the type of business you want to do, if you are not thinking of doing a job, if you want to do a job,

still there are a lot of good jobs in this sector, there are jobs with very good salary which you can get, apart from that, if you do not want to do a job, then you also get a good business opportunity through which you can earn well.

3.Computer Coching Centre

As you all know, after 2019-20, digital has progressed so much, every work is being done online in a digital way and people everywhere need computers in today’s time and in today’s time, the one who knows how to operate a computer well, he gets a good salary job and along with that he also gets good business opportunity, so you can also take advantage of it,

people need to learn computer in today’s time so that they can get employment or business or get a job, so you can open a computer training center where you will teach computers to children, there are various types of courses, you can teach them and can charge a good amount for it, so in this way also this business idea is a very unique business idea for you to become a successful businessman in future.

4.Mobile Repairing Centre

Look, we are not talking about opening a mobile repairing centre here, we are talking about opening a training centre here. In today’s time, there are many youth who want to learn mobile repairing or want to learn repairing of electronic things. Now you know this thing, today’s yoga is electronic yoga.

You will find electronic things everywhere, especially in the field of mobile or laptop, computer, so you can open a mobile or laptop repairing centre in this way. We have seen many such people who are doing this kind of work in today’s time, and earning lakhs of rupees a month.

Along with this, those people are teaching offline, they take offline classes and along with that they are also earning a very good income with online classes. You also get into this sector, get good knowledge in this sector and start your business.

5.Food Sector

Now you must be thinking about the food sector, should we open a food stall or what should we open? Which business should we start in the food sector? There are many good opportunities in the food sector. There are also a lot of earning opportunities.

You can open a restaurant, a café, a dhaba, start a food truck, and if you want to start something small, you can open a food stall. There are a lot of good opportunities in this. You can start it on a small scale and you can also start it on a large scale and earn lakhs of rupees a month.

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